so here's the deal.

i'm going to make a kc retrospective video. or two. or three. ANYWAY, THE THING IS THAT I WANT TO INCLUDE ALL KC, NOT JUST THOSE OF US THAT WERE THERE AT THE END. i have a huge list so far, but my memory is far from perfect and i'd love it if anyone could help me out.

if you don't want your characters mentioned, let me know?

mention characters here kthx

edit: i'm nearly always on aim at animebunnyhell, if you want to talk to me about this or something else

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a lot of people have been in shitty, self-deprecating moods lately, and it reminded me of this video:

(watch it. watch it. it'll only take two minutes.)

in related news: i love you all.

in unrelated news: I'M GOING TO GO TO ACTING SCHOOL (unconfirmed).
ya werkin

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andvoila is still coming along bumpily. i have the premise down to Collapse )

yeah i was tired when i wrote it.


The next few lines will only apply to people who have played the Phoenix Wright/Ace Attorney games.

Would you be interested in an AU, canon-characters-only RP set in a timeline where Gregory Edgeworth never died? The game would start the same day as PW1 and go from there in an episodic fashion. No, I would not be modding it. PBs would be used to allow more freedom for the characters dead/living entirely different lives in canon. And if you know any PW/AA fans that might be interested, please ask?

Stop judging me Val you have an Iditarod to be watching


So I started a game of Star Ocean: The Last Hope. There is something REALLY DISTURBING about how off the voice-acting is from the mouth movements and just how plastic these people look in relation to the super-pretty environment. I got a couple of minutes in and then I was told to help with some damage repair. I went and talked to everyone twice and had no idea what to do next.

"Fuck it," I said and put in Bioshock.